Monday, May 12, 2008

Maybe a Script-Writer? Movie Director?

Well, I mentioned in my previous post that the Pillowfight Fairy has pretty well decided that she doesn't like plays, after being taken to a local high school production of Thoroughly Modern Millie that went way past her bedtime.

But that's not entirely true: she's decided that she only doesn't like those plays that she hasn't made up; all the other ones are just fine.

And she's decided that the thing to do is make them up, and then write about and illustrate them. Now, she's only five, so the writing part is still a bit of a challenge; but so long as you only write the Title, that's not too much work now, is it? And after all, what more do you actually need than the title? A good title should tell you every thing you need to know, after all. If you write a play entitled, say, The Importance of Being Earnest, you may fairly expect the play to discuss the numerous virtues of being Earnest. If your name instead happens to be something unfortunate like Jack or Algernon, you're out of luck. So: we first need a descriptive title:

Now that is a descriptive title! Of course, we need to work on the spelling of those darn non-phonetic words, but at least she got the apostrophe right, and that counts for something when you're only a kindergartener. And I note that "Mony" may refer to the name of the king's worthless chambermaid or lady in waiting or something, in which case it's spelled right (although then the title would be: "The King's Zero, Mony," and we need to work on capitalization and commas).

Ah, but there's something else we need to work on as well: Plagiarism. You see, the Fairy and her siblings rather like the old animated Disney Robin Hood--the one where all the characters are animals, and Robin himself is a fox. Anyway, there's a scene in that movie where all the townsfolk are breaking out of the king's dungeon, and Robin has sneaked into the king's bedchamber to steal all the gold so it can be given back to the townsfolk. The way he gets the moneybags out of the bedchamber and down to his accomplices below is on a makeshift rope-and-pulley getup. In fact, it looks very much like this:

So, act one, scene one of The King's Zero Mony appears to be a direct rip-off from an old Disney movie. I need to warn the Fairy that you do not, under any circumstances, make The Mouse mad at you. That's bad news. The Mouse has lawyers--mean ones. You will be assimilated.


Anyway, as regular readers of this blog know, I'm continually amused by the illustrations she comes up with. I know, Daddies are supposed to be amused by what their little darlings do, and what they say; they're supposed to gush about them to any warm body who will listen, even if said warm body isn't pretending to be interested. Nevertheless, I know that at least a couple of you (mainly grandparents) find this stuff interesting, so at least I have that excuse. And besides which, it's my blog, right?

So remind me to tell you sometime about the time the Adrenaline Junkie said, "I wanna honk your head...."

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