Monday, November 8, 2010

A Few New Pictures

I caught myself saying something odd the other day. Tonya's parents had been in town for a few weeks to help us while we had our baby, but they had just left; I was leaving a voicemail for a family member, mentioning that the grandparents were now gone...:

So, we're all alone now. It's just the six of us.

Tonya got a kick out of the irony of that statement.

Anyway, I have a few more pictures of our baby, in case anyone's interested...

...which is something I've always found a little ironic. Yeah, everyone wants to see the picture of the little one, because--after all--it's a big event when another little person comes into the world to mess up everyone's sleep schedules. But babies that are this young aren't generally very photogenic. They're cute, but generally much more so in real life than in still photos. Newborn babies in pictures just kinda... lie there.

So maybe that's why Anne Geddes dresses them like bugs and puts them in flower pots. They're just so much cuter that way.

Ok, since the only pots we have that big have chili pepper plants in them, and chiles and babies don't mix, we decided that the next cutest thing to do would be to put our newborn with a whole bunch of other kids who are still in their pajamas.

Here's one of the Happy Boy, not yet age four, who really likes his baby brother. He occasionally comes up to us and asks to hold him. But just as I took this picture, the Adrenaline Junkie, who couldn't resist, decided to count his toes.

Ok, so here's one with the Adrenaline Junkie in it too.
The Happy Boy looks like he's about to pluck somebody's nose or something. Little babies have lots of cute little body parts after all, that all need to be inspected!

And here's the one with all four of our little ones together. The middle two are just in love with their little brother. The Pillowfight Fairy, on the right, is generally more aloof. She's also been through the drill a time or three before; and after all, the Chunk looks an awful lot like the Happy Boy did at this age.

Except for all that black hair, and the dimpled chin, and the extremely red/ruddy complexion (which isn't just the reflected glow from his orange pajamas)....

Sigh.... :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

What we've been doing for the last nine months

All right, it's actually been closer to eleven months since I last posted. However, we've been doing something extra special for the last nine of those eleven months.

Namely, one of us has been waddling around like some kind of penguin/walrus crossbreed.

She was so cute. :)

Anyway, today was the day.

What this picture doesn't capture very well is the fact that he's moving at least as much on the outside as he did on the inside for the last few months. He's big, strong, and active, and kept trying to wiggle in such a way as to get all that unpleasant light off his face.

Now, for the sake of privacy it's been our policy not to reveal the names of our little ones online, so we won't be sharing the rather manly-sounding Irish name we gave this little cub. We need an online pseudonym for him!

The trouble is, we haven't had him around long enough to come up with a good name based on his personality. Even with the Happy Boy, where he got his online pseudonym when still less than a year old, we still had some personality clues--he was usually quite happy and playful, even in unfamiliar settings and around complete strangers.

But we have no such clues about this new little guy, aside from the fact that he was somersaulting like a gymnast inside mommy for the last several months. The only other clues we have are from his vital statistics:
  • Born at 1:04 am.
  • Weighing 9 lbs, 10 oz...
  • 21 inches long...
  • Had a "strong, lusty cry" before even making it all the way out of mommy. His APGAR score was 10 within ten minutes or so after birth, so he's healthy as a horse...
  • And apparently, mommy tells me he feeds like one too.
So I'm open to pseudonym suggestions in the comments (assuming I have any readers left after 11 months), based on what little we know about him. But to open up the bidding, until I get a better suggestion, I'm referring to him as "The Chunk".

Have at it. :-)