Monday, November 8, 2010

A Few New Pictures

I caught myself saying something odd the other day. Tonya's parents had been in town for a few weeks to help us while we had our baby, but they had just left; I was leaving a voicemail for a family member, mentioning that the grandparents were now gone...:

So, we're all alone now. It's just the six of us.

Tonya got a kick out of the irony of that statement.

Anyway, I have a few more pictures of our baby, in case anyone's interested...

...which is something I've always found a little ironic. Yeah, everyone wants to see the picture of the little one, because--after all--it's a big event when another little person comes into the world to mess up everyone's sleep schedules. But babies that are this young aren't generally very photogenic. They're cute, but generally much more so in real life than in still photos. Newborn babies in pictures just kinda... lie there.

So maybe that's why Anne Geddes dresses them like bugs and puts them in flower pots. They're just so much cuter that way.

Ok, since the only pots we have that big have chili pepper plants in them, and chiles and babies don't mix, we decided that the next cutest thing to do would be to put our newborn with a whole bunch of other kids who are still in their pajamas.

Here's one of the Happy Boy, not yet age four, who really likes his baby brother. He occasionally comes up to us and asks to hold him. But just as I took this picture, the Adrenaline Junkie, who couldn't resist, decided to count his toes.

Ok, so here's one with the Adrenaline Junkie in it too.
The Happy Boy looks like he's about to pluck somebody's nose or something. Little babies have lots of cute little body parts after all, that all need to be inspected!

And here's the one with all four of our little ones together. The middle two are just in love with their little brother. The Pillowfight Fairy, on the right, is generally more aloof. She's also been through the drill a time or three before; and after all, the Chunk looks an awful lot like the Happy Boy did at this age.

Except for all that black hair, and the dimpled chin, and the extremely red/ruddy complexion (which isn't just the reflected glow from his orange pajamas)....

Sigh.... :-)


A. Jean said...

I've been waiting to see more pictures and you haven't let me down. How cute they all are in their pajamas! I never pictured Happy Boy quite that "domestic", but thinking it over I can see why. Thanks for sharing, Tim. Don't be such a stranger with your blogs and pictures, okay?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why you leave Baby E from your list of players. I just found your blog and am grieving the death of my granddaughter who had Tri 13 and HPE and passed three weeks ago. Just curious

A. Jean said...

Tim, I remember hearing your lovely wife comment over Christmas that you all as a family needed to take a grand picture of the whole lot of you to update since it had been some time since you had done this. Are you contemplating the appointment yet? I am one who is anxious for a copy. In the mean time, why not post more pictures on your blog?

Anonymous said...

In re Anonymous, Dec 17...

I've thought about this a lot myself--after losing our own little one almost 5 years ago now. Our oldest son became my hero--for encouraging me when our daughter was so sick. Our youngest son was born 16 months after losing our daughter, who died of CHARGE Syndrome (5th Chromosome). His birth (the youngest child) filled my wife and me with a profound sense of hope. So to me, my oldest child is my hero. My youngest is a beacon-like hope.

But I find myself always wanting to see all three of my children together. So in this, our daughter, and the void left behind since her passing has always created a sense of an anchor, constantly reminding me of my duty as a father to try to steer my family to a better relationship with God, where we will all be reunited as a family in Heaven, where we were never all able to be together on Earth.

So back to the question, I don't know that you can really give a character name to a child who has passed on--especially when the name is based on a person's personality. If anything, all of these babies who have passed on didn't demand anything of us, but they changed us dramatically. And although we may feel robbed by not having them here with us, they remind us of a greater, higher sense of reality that we spend our lives hoping and praying and yearning for. My daughter, in her ten short days here, taught me to look heavenward in such a more profound way than either of our two healthy boys ever possibly could.
So for that, if I were to give her any kind of a name, or moniker, or title, it would have to be something like an anchor, or a beacon, or a searchlight. Definitely not as cute as the "adrenalin junkie," or "pillowfight fairy," but still very meaningful.

Not sure if this helps. It is something that we all struggle with... what do I answer when people ask me how many kids I have? I am very sorry for your loss, and I think I may be safe in saying that I may know what you are going through

And Tim, I like the name "Little Chunk." Even if he gets really tall and thin, like his dad. The coolest names are the ones that stick, even though no one remembers why they were given in the first place (like "Whiskers" and "Two Bits.")

--Tim's Little Brother