Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally Updated My Blogroll

Yes, when one has nothing worthwhile to write about, it's time to go back to that old stand-by: Metablogging. For the uninitiated, this can be defined as "Blogging about blogging", or alternately "Blogging about your blog."

I have a nice blog.

But! That's not actually the point of this post. I have decided to do something momentous! Almost unprecedented in the (rather short) history of my online presence!

I've decided to add a few people to my blogroll.

Now, I realize that I'm opening myself up here to trouble. When you add a few people to your blogroll, you inevitably overlook someone who deserves to be on there. And you wind up intentionally overlooking several people who don't deserve to be there, but think they do. So people check in to your blog, see that they're not on your blogroll--but that all the cool people are, and they think you're playing those annoying High School social popularity games that all us Homeschoolers are hoping our kids get to avoid.

Well. If this describes you, tough. ;-)

I've decided to add four new blogs to my blogroll. All of these are people who've dropped by here and left some well-written, literate, friendly comments that boosted my ego. I figure if I link to them, I'll see those links every time I check my blog for new comments; and then I'll visit their sites more often; then I'll leave more comments on their blogs; then they'll remember to drop by here and leave more comments on my blog; then the whole thing will snowball and we'll all get really big egos from each other.
You da Men.

No, You da Men.

No, Y'All da Men.
(This last one either from my Georgia doppelganger, or from me, since I think the English language desperately needs a dedicated second-person plural pronoun.)

First up, we have Arby's Archives. As I understand it, Arby is a stay-at-home homeschooling father of three very rambuctious kids, one of whom has special needs. His wife, the "Boss", just deployed to Iraq, so he's doing his best to keep everything together as a temporarily-single daddy.
It dawned on me in the kitchen today, not to be confused with it Dawned on me in the kitchen today, which would involved a splurge of dish soap somewhere on my body as well as a very bad afternoon for one of my mischievous children. I had an idea. It’s a simple idea, really. It’s this....
Next, we have Big Doofus. His latest post is about Zucchinis:
By the looks of 99% of the zucchini recipes I've seen, you could substitute just about any soft, flavorless vegetable, fruit or sponge for the zucchini and get the same result. Take the zucchini out of zucchini bread and do you know what you have? Great tasting bread. Take the zucchini out of zucchini cookies and what do you have left? Tasty cookies! What's a zucchini meatball without zucchini? The perfect spaghetti topper! Do I need to go on? It's the ZUCCHINI CONSPIRACY, folks. There's a group of zucchini seed sales big-wigs that are pawning off this vegetable to us by convincing Americans to cook with it in the most useless ways.
You know, I have similar ideas regarding Eggplant. It seems like it should be such a good idea, but it never seems to work out right....

Third, we have Key Words, the blog of Daniel Macintire and "Illuminarch", whoever that may be. I like this post, in which he muses on a possible name for his Homeschool. Often we Homeschoolers must legally establish private unaccredited schools in order to comply with the local education laws. And as part of this process, we get to name our schools. We've been considering a really good name, which I'll not use here until we've safely filed our affidavit--but the hint is, it's from Lewis Carroll. But I like Daniel Macintire's entry:
How's this?

Polymath Liberal Arts Technical Institute and Preparatory University School.

Polymath Prep for short.

PLATIPUS for REALLY short :)

I know it's misspelled, but I couldn't think of a good way to change that "I" into a "Y" - I tried variants of "Youth," but none really flowed. Any suggestions?
And then there's Zulu Blog, by Roger Z. He's something of a libertarian who does long, philosophical posts interspersed with links to the Muppet show, which I found immediately endearing. He recently posted this takedown of the Ayn Rand's novel (and Objectivist Bible) Atlas Shrugged, and started a series of posts regarding proofs (or the lack thereof) of the existence of God. I just left a really long comment at one of them, but it hasn't been through comment moderation yet, so we'll see if he goes for it or not. ;-)

Anyway, take a look at these blogs. Enjoy them. Leave some meaty comments. Start stroking those egos, because all our egos need a little stroking now and again.


Big Doofus said...

Thanks for the link. I can tell from what I've read so far that we will stay in touch. I'm always on the lookout for other guys that blog and it's a blessing when they are believers, husbands and dads. I added you to my list as soon as I read a few entries. Also, I made a cool blog roll that shows me when you all last updated.

Arby said...

I just cannot finish typing the comment I almost left here. Shoot. It was funny. Crass, but funny. Thank you for stroking my ego. I appreciate any readers that you can send my way!

Roger Z said...

Thanks for the link Tim! I returned the favor, if I can post more than sporadically maybe you'll help me get my readership back into the low single digits. :)

Chris said...

Man. I'm just glad that I still made the cut. I'd better step up the quality of the work product or I may be out in the next elimination round.

Great additions, BTW!


Anna said...

I love eggplant! But, I'm a girl, maybe that's a requirement.
Nice blogs, I've not read any of them so far.

Timothy Power said...

Yes, Chris, you made the cut. After all, I learned about at least a few of these guys through your website.

And you'll always be my doppelganger. :-)