Friday, July 25, 2008

Two Links

Ok, so I haven't blogged in most of a week. Part of the trouble is that I have a couple posts floating around my head that will wind up being really big, and I just haven't wanted to write them, because they would take all evening. Part of it is just wanting to have more of a life, though....

But don't worry, I'll eventually get over it.

In the mean time, I have two links for you. The first is from my lovely wife, who tonight did a long, detailed post about the teaching of the Bible to our children. This post was motivated by a comment recently posted to this blog, by Daniel Macintyre, regarding all those icky Bible stories:
ever consider starting off with the new testament?
In her post, Tonya answers this question in far more detail than I would ever think to. My answer would be short and glib, perhaps a little superficial; Tonya gives an answer with a backstory reaching back to when the earth cooled.

I love you, Tonya. :-)


But I saw something online today that just made me laugh so hard that I couldn't see. Remember my recent Deformed Man Lavatory post, about the way that non-native speakers of English are, by their very "mistakes", changing the English language? Well, along those lines, we have--Courtesy of John Derbyshire over in The Corner--some excellent specimens of "Engrish" that were observed in the wild. And by the way, I love Mr. Derbyshire's one-line commentary on each picture.

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