Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So My Wife Got Me A Little Treat...

She picked up the computer game Spore (which I've blogged about, here) for me yesterday, on a whim. I'd tried to get it over the weekend, but I was early by one day...

Anyway, that explains the light posting.

A few observations:
  • It's a huge game, especially when you get to the Spacefaring stage at the end.
  • It's rather fun to see all the creatures you created in isolation over the last month show up as you're evolving. And then they try to eat you. Or when they show up, the Spore game has blown them up so they are the size of dinosaurs, and they try to stomp you flat.
  • And then you try to defend yourself against the creatures attacking you; but your daughter, who designed those creatures three weeks ago--and remembers exactly what she named them!--is emotionally invested in their success, not yours. So when you successfully defend yourself and kill off your attackers, your daughter starts weeping uncontrollably.
  • She also starts weeping uncontrollably when one of the cars that you spent so much time designing gets blown up by one of your rival civilizations.
This is apparently a very emotional game.

Anyway, as they say: Blogging Will Be Light. :-)

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forty-two said...

This reminded me of our 2yo watching her daddy play World of Warcraft (a favorite activity of both). We have a dog, and she recently started pointing out "doggies" everywhere. Dh was fighting wolves, and she started getting very upset because he was killing "doggies".

She's also learned about kitties, and she's not happy when kitties are being killed either. She does like dh's hunter character's pet panther, though =), although sometimes she gets upset if he plays someone else ;).