Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Brace of Posts From My Lovely Bride

Well, last night I took the Pillowfight Fairy out to see a production of Pirates of Penzance (which was a big hit, by the way), and my lovely bride stayed home to look after the younger ones. After they were in bed, Tonya started blogging, and she did something she almost never does--she wrote two posts in one night! And they're big, meaty ones, too.

(Hmmm. Meat.)

Ok, this one is about the fact that we've accomplished half of the curriculum that Tonya had planned for the year. Now, about seven months back I blogged about our plans for this year and submitted the post to the Carnival of Homeschooling. The consensus among our commenters seemed to be that we were planning way too much, and that we were going to burn out both ourselves and our kid. Well, Tonya's post contains a well-earned "neener-neener" to all those naysayers. So far, neither the kid nor the parent/teacher are burned out. There are good days and bad days; and, of course, the Pillowfight Fairy doesn't particularly like doing her work (although it's mainly just the repetitive skill-building stuff she doesn't like, like the math and the piano practice). But she's making tremendous progress, and we're very proud of her.

The other post is this one about accountability. That is, she tackles the question, "to whom are we accountable?" from the point of view of a homeschooling parent. That's a big question, in my opinion, and one where someone risks opening a huge can of worms if he or she stares at it for too long....

Anyway, check them out.


Arby said...

You are the very model of a home school individual,
With challenging curriculum that’s not at all heretical.
You plan a lot of things to do and teach your kids both wrong and right.
Then play a new video game way too much and late at night.

You write a funny homeschool blog and post it on a carnival.
Then tweek your reader’s noses when you prove you are invincible.
You post a bunch of funny clips of men who wear fake golden boobs,
And write about a tiger and his owner Calvin, what a hoot!

Your three readers like your blog because it’s all so educational,
Since you’re the very model of a homeschool individual!

Theocentrica said...

I parodied that same song, except it was "Modern Genius Homeschooler"... ^_^