Saturday, November 22, 2008

Show Him Some Love

So Roger Z, one of my frequent commenters (and proprietor of the Zulu blog) is marrying the love of his life today, somewhere in her home country of El Salvador.

Congratulations to the two of you!

Any other readers of this blog who want to drop in and offer congratulations, head on by his blog and leave a comment. Just be warned: he moderates comments on his blog, so don't expect to see your little congratulatory notes posted anytime soon.

In fact, I sincerely hope that Roger Z has better things to do for the next few days than sit around moderating his comments... :-)


Roger Z said...

Thanks TD! I am back from the honeymoon in Belize, and with the lovely bride at work I have some time to kill during the day for the rest of the week (I fly back stateside on Sunday). Though, I'm trying to take long walks to make up for all the honeymoon food... is there some desire by honeymoon spots to mark the newlyweds up five pounds in weight or what? The food was great though!

Oh, for some photos go check out my brother's little business . Click on "events" for the "Zalneraitis-Otero Wedding" and under miscellaneous are shots he took from his time here in El Salvador, including our day at the beach and playing on the volcanic rocks. And, shameless plug here, if you see any photos on his website you like, feel free to buy them!

Timothy Power said...

Oh, you married a cute one. Many congratulations!