Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Not Sure Why, But I Thought This Was Funny

Ok, a little background. I'm a software engineer. We're developing a system right now that uses several Linux systems, so we're doing a lot of development in Linux. But, of course, we have Windows boxes on our desks.

So we're always going back and forth. And I can't tell you how many times I've typed Linux commands into my Windows terminals and vice versa. Those of you in similar circumstances are probably nodding your heads at this: I can never remember whether to use "ifconfig" or "ipconfig", so I always wind up typing both and using whichever output looks less like an error.

So anyway, as I walked past my supervisor's cube earlier today, he had a sticky note up to help him keep things straight... and (unintentionally) to give the rest of us Windows/Linux amphibians a bit of a laugh. I mean, despite his proud redneck accent, my supervisor is still plenty smart. And I suspect that's part of what made this so funny to me.

I've reproduced it here for your contemplation:

Yup. Vitally important for a software engineer to keep those little things straightened out. This has been your daily PSA.

(Oh, and pardon the horrible pun--they're supposed to lean like that).

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