Friday, April 17, 2009

Bacon--Is There Anything It Can't Do?

I've been feeling a little guilty about not blogging so much lately. All this cutting and bending metal has been fun (and you should see the little piece of dragonscale maille that I've been putting together lately!), but I've been neglecting my readership. Ah well. I'm thinking that, with the one-year anniversary of that post I did that picked a fight with a herd of Objectivists ("Since I started with good premises, and reasoned without error, my argument will contain no inconsistencies. Therefore since you claim to have found an inconsistency in my argument, it means you must have made an error somewhere, and it's up to you to find it..."), I would go ahead soon and write up something about Godel's Inconsistency Theorems.

But not tonight. Tonight, we play.

It seems that Popular Science's resident mad scientist, Theodore Gray, has built what essentially is a blowtorch, where the oxidizer is pure O2 gas, and the fuel is--what else?--bacon.

Well, actually--prosciutto. Turns out that plain old American bacon doesn't have the structural integrity, so he had to go with something he considered more "industrial grade". But he then proceeded to turn it into what he refers to as a "bacon lance", which is a bacon-fueled variant of the more mundane (but still awesome as heck) "thermal lances" that are used to cut metal.

Hmm... that means that, at least in theory, bacon is capable of rescuing people from collapsed buildings. Nice.

Of course, as awesome as this is, I still think it's a poor use of perfectly good prosciutto, although I bet his lab smelled absolutely heavenly after he used his bacon lance to cut through that metal pan in the video.

I also love this little note at the end of the piece:
Achtung! Theodore Gray is trained in lab safety. Don't try this at home...
Yeah, and you might run out of bacon.

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