Monday, April 27, 2009

Bidding a Fond Welcome Back To a Fellow Blogger

About six months ago I had the unpleasant task of removing a fellow blogger from my blogroll. Arby's Archives, which had been one of my daily reads (when he posted daily, that was), was no more. For some reason--which I have been coming to sympathize with--Arby just decided to up and delete his blog entirely.

Well, he's back. He may not look like Cary Grant anymore, but his much wrinklier visage hasn't dimmed the sharpness of his pen, or something. Insert your own profound-sounding metaphor if you don't like mine.

Be warned when you visit his new site, though: it appears that he and The Boss (his feminine side) decided to put their kids in public school, and judging from the tone and timber of his first three posts, that turned out to be a disaster. If the state of education is something you get worked up about easily, then Arby's new blog is so far about 75% red meat. They're planning on going back to homeschooling right quick.

(And if you also get worked up about Scouting, or about pubescent boys who haven't discovered how to combat B.O. yet, then the other 25% of the blog is also red meat.)

So without further ado, Arby's new blog is entitled Boarding In Bedlam.


P.S. Arby, I'm curious--any particular reason you went with Blogspot this time instead of WordPress? I don't have any particular reason for asking--I'm just curious.


Arby said...

Timothy! Thank you for mentioning my blog, or “You’re Welcome” for the blogging topic if you were scraping the bottom of the barrel for a Tuesday entry! Yes, the first couple of posts were a little edgier than usual. Frivolity is harder to maintain when your own children are involved. I will lighten up.

The vacation from blogging was good for me but the Boss never stopped mentioning how much she missed the daily reading. If truth be told, I missed the daily writing exercise. I chose Blogspot for the purposes of trying to garner a larger audience ( is far too specialized) composed of more than Christian homeschooling moms (not that there is anything wrong with Christian Homeschooling moms)which seems to be the bulk of the readers at that site. I want my own web address to start my own blogsite, but that will come later when my web mistress has more time. I’m not adept at the design/construction side of websites.

Thanks, again!

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