Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not Child-Safe Anymore

Anyone remember this image from last year, from my post entitled How to Child-Proof Your Christmas Tree?

Well, we thought it was such a great idea, we'd try it again this year. But this time around, the little guy isn't so little.
We actually caught him trying to climb the fence at one point, by slinging his leg up and over it.

Well, it was good for one year....

(And yes, we're aware that the little boy is blurry in the image. You won't find many non-blurry photographs of him. In fact, he usually looks a little blurry in real life, too.)


Daniel Macintyre said...

I was in Target the other day. A family was buying one of those silver Fiber optic Christmas trees. What caught my eye was all the warnings on the box:

"This product contains Lead."

As for me, I have the full supergate around the tree (and it's a real tree - no lead there). It's in the corner and the gate bulges out a fair distance. It's not enough to stop my almost eight year old, but he is old enough to know better and the 14 month old is under control.

B. Durbin said...

I believe any lighting product contains lead in the wires because it's cheap and it's flexible. You're supposed to wash your hands after stringing Christmas lights (and I do, now that I know.)