Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Brace of Posts From My Lovely Wife

Well, my recent spate of Windmill-Tilting has appears to have inspired my wife to do a little of her own.

She has decided to start identifying all those little ways in which society's attitudes and values are completely out-of-whack with hers. Then she will start writing up long, detailed theses about how everyone else is messed up.


So tonight's windmill has to do with her views on Television, and how and why we came not to have one in the household. Now, being a TV-free household puts us in a very, very small minority; but we can definitely say that there are some benefits to this lifestyle choice, and Tonya and I would love it were more people to choose to go this route.

So, her thoughts on this are here.


On a not-so-confrontational note, she also had a post a few days ago about planting our vegetable garden. Trouble is, you can never quite tell around here when the last winter frost is going to come; but if you wait until after you're sure you're not going to have another one, your planting is too late for all the cold-weather crops. So you sometimes just have to pick a date, plant, and pray for cabbage. I liked the title of her post: Garden Roulette.

Check it out. And if there are any experienced gardeners/farmers in the Sacramento area reading this, feel free to let us know what you do. Thanks!

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