Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet the Pillowfight Zombie

So just as I was about to leave the house this morning to go to work, I did what I always do--I gave each of my kids a kiss on the forehead. Now, because they're usually at the breakfast table, it's a little awkward--I have to come up behind them, and bend over from above them, and kiss them upside down.

I'm a daddy, after all--we don't do things the normal way. The abnormal way is usually more fun. Mommies do normal--daddies do fun.

And I don't just give them a little peck; no, I want to give them a kiss that will last all day. So it's usually a big ol' noisy smackeroo, that lasts long enough to set them giggling.

Well, this morning the Pillowfight Fairy was running a little sluggishly (do slugs run?), so she was still sitting on the floor of her room, with a pile of the day's clothes (and the nights pajamas) strewn about her. So I came up over her from behind, bent over her, and left a big, sucking, highly-persistent smooch right in the middle of her forehead.

And when I was done, the Fairy said--with no warning to me, and without a hint of pretension:
I know, intellectually, that she must have gotten it from either mommy or me, and most likely me. (Mainly because mommy doesn't go around declaring, "Braaaaaaaains!") Nevertheless, it still caught me way off guard, and put a big, wide smile on my face as I went off to work this morning.

I love this girl. Just thought I'd share.

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