Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Don't Think That Will Help Any

So, upon seeing what she was to be fed for dinner tonight, the Pillowfight Fairy declared:

"I'm going to run away to Utah."

Umm, Dearie--I don't think that will help any. I suspect the Mormons eat this kind of stuff too.


A. Jean said...

Oh Dear. Please don't run away until after I've visited with you at your church Wednesday night June 25. It will just delay you a few days and I do so want to see you again!! Love, Auntie Jean

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, I am so weary of this bigotry. Ditch the "all Utahns are Mormons" mindset. Please. It is so disrespectful. We are not all Mormons. Some of us will never be Mormons, not even if they lined us up and chopped off our hands in front of our mothers. Yet we still live and thrive in Utah.

Amy K. said...

ROFL! Poor put-upon anonymous. If you don't get a sense of humor about living in Utah, your life will never have any joy in it.