Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Week's Carnival of Homeschooling is Up

This week's Carnival of Homeschooling is up over at Apollos Academy. There's a lot of good stuff there, including my post Minds Like Steel Traps--For the Wrong Stuff, in which I gripe and moan about the annoying-ness of contemporary TV educational programming.

But there are several more posts that I particularly liked:

There's this one by a Mommy who recently tried to explain supply-and-demand (relating to gasoline prices) to her kindergartener. I can definitely relate to this sort of thing. ;-)

(And in fact, I've been tossing around the idea of writing an economics post on this subject, myself. Watch this space....)

Then there's this post, about everyone's most favorite subject--or rather, everyone's least favorite part of everyone's most favorite subject. She wrote about how to get prepared for the talk. Now, my oldest kid is five, so we (hopefully) still have a little time before we confront this problem head on; but you never know when your kid is going to come up with some question absolutely out of the blue. ChristineMM advises that we think about all these questions well in advance, so that we can be prepared with whatever answer is needed when these unexpected questions arise. She has a bunch of other observations and bits of advice as well.

This one gives strategies for homeschooling a houseful of kids of different ages, as delivered by a seminar speaker who developed these strategies while raising twelve of her own kids.

You know, on the one hand, there's a temptation to think that people with twelve kids are a little out there. But on the other hand, they give us hope: The fact that they figured out how to keep order with twelve bodes well for us who only have to deal with three....


And then, because I didn't blog about it when it came out this weekend, Mary Eberstadt over at National Review has up her latest in her Loser Letters series.

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