Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Solutions Tuesday!

So about a week ago, one of my co-workers walked into the office. And--most unusually--no one immediately tackled him, saying, "Ken! Ken! I need your help on this right now!"

He was commenting on this fact, loudly enough so all of us cube-dwellers could hear it. Which isn't actually very loud, as our cubes are all pretty close together.

"I was wondering where everybody is. No one jumped me looking for my immediate attention."

After some inter-cube conferring, we decided that we had a reason: it was "Solutions Tuesday." We have now designated Tuesdays as the day where we will have no problems, only Solutions.

You know, this is a great idea. Why couldn't we have thought of this months ago? It would have saved us so much trouble.

So here's how it worked. My co-worker Ernest popped into my cube about lunchtime, and said, "Uh, Tim...."

"Now hold on. Before you say anything else, remember that this is Solutions Tuesday. Only Solutions today!"

"Well, then. I have a Solution!"


"It involves kicking you off the Oracle server and reinstalling everything."

Hmm. Maybe the idea still has a few kinks to work out. Still, I think it's a wonderful idea. On Solutions Tuesday, we have no problems, only Solutions. And once we get the hang of it, we can (in the spirit of Christmas) start treating every day as Solutions Tuesday.

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