Sunday, June 8, 2008

Miscellaneous Links

Well, my dear internets (as my Sister-In-Law often puts it), I have a handful of links to put out there. These are things of interest that popped up over the last week, that I've been neglecting up until this point. So without further ado:

My lovely wife, who usually only posts a few times a month, has posted twice in the last week already. Her first post was entitled Change Happens in Very Little Time, and it has to do with the fact that the kids are all seeming to be making advances simultaneously. We've noticed before that growth and development in our kids comes in spurts and jumps, rather than smoothly; it's as though some kind of switch has been thrown in their brains, enabling them to do things one day that they were utterly unable to do the day before. Well, we've had a lot of those switches being thrown lately, and we're in the process of trying to come to terms with these seemingly new kids we have running around. Along those lines, she posts an update on how the Happy Boy is changing and growing.

On a side note: you know, the name "Happy Boy" hasn't been completely descriptive now for some time. He's only happy when he's doing the things that he wants to do, and so often what he wants to do is unacceptable. So we wind up saying no a lot, and this often ends in a screaming fit. He has incredible focus for a little boy; he decides he wants to do something that he shouldn't, and it's really really hard to distract him from it. And one of those things he wants to do, is put absolutely everything in his mouth. Now, most kids go through this; but he does it a whole lot more than his sisters ever did. This is especially an issue now that our fruit trees are all covered with unripe fruit. Every time he goes outside, he wants to pick these little green globules off the tree and start gnawing on them, and we can't convince him to stop. So, I may well start using a new name for him: if you start seeing me refer to him from here on out as The Omnivore, you'll understand. ;-)

Next up, I realized I didn't post a link to last week's Loser Letter, by Mary Eberstadt, over at National Review. Last week's had to do with religion and good works, and this week's had to do with religion and art.

Third: I realized I didn't post a link to last week's Carnival of Homeschooling! It's here. My own post entitled Every Once in a While, about my eldest daughter teaching her sister to read, is featured.


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