Wednesday, October 1, 2008

California Homeschoolers: Legal Deadline Approaching

To any of my California readers who homeschool (if I have any left after my September blogging hiatus):

Just a friendly reminder that private schools are required to file their affidavits between October 1 and October 15. That means, do it now. If you don't, there's a good chance you'll wind up in violation of the state's education laws.

The online form for submitting the private school affidavit is here. Additionally, the HSLDA has a page of advice on how to fill out this form, here.

A few especially important bits of advice:
The CDE has stated that they will not accept a Private School Affidavit form that has been printed from the web site and completed manually. The web site form must be completed online.
Also, after the online form is complete:
Click on the “Submit Form” button at the bottom of the on-line affidavit to submit your completed affidavit to the CDE. It will generate a confirmation page. Print two copies of that page for your records.
Emphasis added. Always good advice.

(Note that the HSLDA takes the approach of minimum compliance. They believe homeschoolers should comply with the laws, but should not overcomply: that is, they suggest that homeschoolers not volunteer any information beyond what is legally required, for the sake of privacy--and because of the belief that if too many homeschoolers willingly go beyond what the law requires, it becomes that much easier for this behavior to become the new status quo, and become required behavior for everyone. Take their position for what you will....)


Incidentally, in case any homeschooling parent out there is content to let this slide, consider this gentle little reminder of the stakes, taken from a local news story: Truancy Sweep Lands Parents In Handcuffs....

Yeah, this story doesn't mention homeschoolers; it's meant for true truants. But get those affidavits in anyway, m'kay? Good.

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