Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sure, Darling, Let Me Find a Pumpkin and Some Duct Tape

So early yesterday morning my eldest daughter approached me, not yet quite awake, as I was goofing off on the computer.

"Could you play Stayin' Alive again, Daddy?"

Well, she was looking rather adorable with that mussed-up hair and all, so I couldn't refuse. I loaded up the previous day's post--the one about how the Bee Gee's hit Stayin' Alive has a good tempo for performing CPR--and played the youtube clip for her again.

And my little girl started trying to sing along with whatever lyrics she could hear. Now, the Bee Gees aren't particularly well known for their enunciation, so the Fairy quite understandably was unable to figure out most of what they were saying. (Side note: Neither was I.)

So, being ever the helpful daddy, I googled the lyrics. Upon finding a page with the lyrics, I started up the youtube clip, then put it into the background to play as I pulled the lyrics page so we could read it.

The Pillowfight Fairy got this dopey grin on her face (though not half as dopey as mine) as, together, we began singing in this fabulous falsetto:
You can tell by the way I do my walk
I'm a woman's man, no time to talk.
Music hot and women warm,
I've been kicked around since I was born....
So this got progressively goofier. After a bit, we were gyrating energetically around the living room....

And eventually the song ended. So we went back to the computer and started reading over the lyrics again. And singing with them again, without the song playing in the background to provide any cover for how silly we were sounding.

Then she hit me with it. With a dainty, inquisitive smile on her face--of the sort that only a little girl can give, she asked me (with great sincerity):

Daddy, can we make a disco ball?

I laughed. Hard.

I tell ya, the destruction of Western Civilization is continuing apace.

I feel the city breaking and everybody shaking....

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