Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Suppose I Need To Make It Official

This post is for reader B. Durbin, if you're here to read this.

Last May you invited me to audition for the Light Opera of Sacramento, when the time came around for auditions. And I have to say, I'm tempted, especially because I'm a little intrigued by doing Ruddigore. Gilbert and Sullivan is always fun.

However, It's pretty apparent that this year is not a good year for me. Our Trisomy 13 baby is due in mid-May, which would put the due date just two weeks before the intended starting date. This is going to be a very rough May for us, if the baby makes it to term; for me to do the necessary rehearsals during this time would be impossible.

We'll see how next year looks. I have to repeat, I've been very tempted by the opportunity to get back on stage--sooner or later, it's pretty likely that I'll grab that opportunity and show up for an audition. Eventually. If I can tranquilize my wife and kids first. ;-)

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B. Durbin said...

I'd already come to this conclusion. In fact thos year's timing (with performance dates in May and June) meant I'd crossed you off the list when your due date was announced.

Still praying for you & your family.