Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Diagnosis and Prognosis

Tonya had a doctor's appointment earlier today, and so we know a little more about what's wrong with her foot.

The X-rays revealed that Tonya chipped a little piece off of her number 5 (pinkie) metatarsal on her right foot, right on the spur near the base. For those of you who don't know your metatarsal from your metacarpal, here's a diagram (note, this is a diagram of a left foot; Tonya mucked up her right):

The doctor said this is the kind of thing that eventually heals by itself, but it can take a while, especially if you don't keep the foot immobilized. So Tonya's foot has been wrapped in a compression bandage, and has been put in what we can only describe as a "foam medical sandal". In a couple of days we'll go back in and they will put her in something the doctor called an "E-Boot".

The upshot is that Tonya won't be at 100% for several weeks yet. She's on crutches and is unable to put any weight on the foot for now.

So I'm getting to do much of the work around the house that she normally does. The Pillowfight Fairy had an interesting comment earlier today; she wishes that "...we had two mommies." Well, I suppose that it would be practical to have a spare.... But somehow, I don't think that Tonya is that practical. :)

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Wendy Power said...

That's a lovely bone structure she has there.