Monday, August 27, 2007


Just a little bit of family news. This evening Tonya tripped on one of the toys that our girls had left strewn about, and took a bad tumble. Thankfully, the Happy-most-of-the-time Boy--whom she was carrying at the time--wasn't hurt, just quite put out at finding himself suddenly on the floor; but within five minutes of the event he was smiling and giggling at everyone again, like it had never happened.

Mommy wasn't quite as fortunate. She feels like she sprained something in her right foot. She hasn't been able to put any weight on the foot since her fall, and the only pressure she can abide is from the compression bandage we put on it.

She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. We'll keep everyone informed of what we find out when we're there.

Update: I have to say, though, it was really rather romantic, in a weird sort of way, when I got to carry her down the hallway to our bedroom this evening. Although I had to do it sideways because we have narrow hallways. And I could have been a little more graceful when I plopped her on the bed....

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