Saturday, August 25, 2007

News you can use

IF you order a whole bunch of sand, the better to make concrete with; and

IF you let said sand sit around for a couple of months in a big pile in your backyard, because you ran out of gravel with which to make the concrete, and

IF you then get in a big load of gravel, and start making a big batch of concrete,

THEN the ratio of dry ingredients will consist of roughly:
  • Three parts gravel,
  • Two parts sand,
  • One part portland cement, and
  • About one-one hundredth part dessicated feral cat poop.

I'm just sayin'....

Anyway, when I finally, finally get this project done, party at my place! :) If anyone still wants to show up, at any rate....

P.S. For anyone who decided to calculate the exponential curve I described in the previous post, you will find that it contains a point of inflection, concave downward, starting... about... now.

1 comment:

A. Jean said...

If you had used clumping litter instead of regular sand, you wouldn't need cement. Just add water...but, you'd probably have more dessicated, ah, you know which you could use instead of gravel!