Monday, August 20, 2007

Happiness is...

...a big pile of construction materials.

Isn't this a lovely picture? Doesn't it just evoke a powerful vision of unlimited potential, of greatness yet to be? Does it not make you want to grab a flathead shovel, or pull out your wet/dry tile-saw, and just create, as God intended for Man to share in his work of creation, when he breathed his own creative spirit into our nostrils? Does the above not simply move you?


Oh, my friends, my friends! You don't know what you're missing. Come over some Saturday and you may share in the bliss.

What you see in that picture (aside from all that limitless possibility) is the light at the end of the tunnel for the "never-ending landscaping project" (it started last October) that I've mentioned in a few other places on this blog. That is the pile of gravel, which will become the concrete foundation for the patio; and those are the stones that will pave the walkway and patio when the concrete is done.

It was delivered earlier today. When I got home from work this evening, the first thing I just had to do was lay out some of the stones into a sample pattern like what the walkway will eventually have. Preliminary indications are that it's going to be beautiful.

Now, I suspect that my lovely wife occasionally rolls her eyes at me when I'm not looking. However, I never suspected before I became a homeowner how much I love the manual labor, of simply building beautiful, tangible, solid things, by the sweat of my brow. Sometimes I think I missed my true calling by going into software....

Anyway, when we get this thing finished, finally, finally: party at our place.


A. Jean said...

Tim -
You always liked Legos.

Wendy Power said...

I'd say you were a bit of a loon, but we painted our dining room on our anniversary, and I gave Rick a doorbell. I'm right there with you, bro.