Friday, February 22, 2008

Environmentalist vs. Environmentalist

Dont' have time right now to do a real blog post, but I saw a news story lately that made me a little sad: Neighbors Battle In Court Over Redwood Trees That Shade Solar Panels.

The upshot of this is that someone installed some solar panels in 2001--shortly before their neighbor's fast-growing redwood trees grew to the point that they shadowed the panels. So the first party took the second to court, and just won a ruling that two of the redwood trees had to be cut down.

Even if the verdict is right on the merits of the law, there are so many things wrong with this case that I don't have time to count them right now. But I'll leave one observation.

Speaking as a Christian who tries to take his faith seriously, one thing you run into from time to time in churches are those people who are "holier than thou"--who are ostentatiously pious. They're never happier than when they're judging their neighbors for not living up to their standards. You also occasionally see similar phenomena in the homeschooling movement, and in many other aspects of civil life.

The environmental movement is no different.

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