Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ever Wonder What Happens When A Mermaid Craves Bacon?

If you're anything like me, the answer to the above question is, um... no.

However, nothing escapes the attention of a five-year-old! Except unmade beds and occasional bladder signals, of course.

Anyway the Pillowfight Fairy was busy making craft projects on her own today while her parents were off preparing for a belated birthday party for the Happy Boy. She mentioned offhand something about making "...a MerPig. The top half is a pig, and the bottom half is a fish."

Suddenly I discovered that whatever it was I was doing, could wait. I really had to see this one. I wasn't disappointed:



I started thinking about it. I started imagining these things swimming wild through the ocean; I started imagining these things being herded and corralled and bred and slopped and auctioned by the Mer-Folk. And apparently, Mermaids have a way of putting bows in their hair to make them look pretty.

And the more I thought about how important these things were in the diets and economics of the underwater realm, well, the more I found myself giggling at my own silliness for even considering such a thing.

I wonder if the Mer-Folk have figured out how to make underwater smokehouses yet.

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