Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Explanation

Ok, so blogging has been pretty light lately.

The reasons are pretty straightforward, actually. For one thing, the Adrenaline Junkie has come down with a fairly nasty bug of some sort or another. She's had a fever for the last few days, and low appetite, and general gastrointestinal nastiness. This has taken away much of our extra energy and desire just to do stuff. By the time we get the kids down at night, we don't particularly want to write, we just want to vegetate.

(Incidentally, your kid is getting better--or possibly getting much worse--when you say, "How are you feeling, dearie?" and she responds, "Mooooo...")

Which brings us to the second reason: Tonya was thinking to herself the other day, "We haven't watched the Lord of the Rings DVDs in several years. I'd like to see them again." She casually mentioned this fact, and then I started thinking to myself: Hmmm... Not only that, but we haven't ever watched the trilogy end-to-end before. For each movie, we got the 4-disc Platinum Series Special Edition Extended Version With Optional Chrome Trim and Oak Leaf Clusters as soon as it came out on DVD, and we watched through them all with the documentaries and commentaries.... But we never went back and watched the movies together to get the whole arc of the story.

Of course, this is a huge undertaking. These movies were long enough in the movie theaters--I think the shortest of the bunch, The Fellowship of the Ring, clocked in at nearly three hours, and Return of the King was upwards of four. But with the added footage in the extended editions, each of these movies tacks on an additional half hour at least. So to watch all three of these movies in the editions we have, takes somewhere on the order thirteen hours or longer.

That's a whole lot of free time during which I'm not blogging. :-)

We finished Fellowship on Friday night, and The Two Towers last night. Both nights we put it on right after the girls went to bed, and both nights we went to bed around one in the morning. Tonight, that won't fly--the Special Extended edition of Return of the King goes nearly five hours. So we're going to try to watch the first disc tonight and the second tomorrow.

So blogging may continue light for the next few days.

So if you see us in the next few days going around spouting stuff like, "The earth is changing; I feel it in the air..." and "Forth Eorlingas! Fell deeds await!" and "She'll do it... Yessss, my preciousss...," You'll understand. And I may just throw in a "Hojotoho!" for the heck of it.

(Or maybe you won't understand. And if not, that's Ok.)

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