Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Carnival of Homeschooling Is Up

The 114th Carnival of Homeschooling is up over at Palm Tree Pundit.

My post about the Pillowfight Fairy trying to pull a fast one on Mommy is featured.

But on a more serious note, there are some posts there talking about legal and legislative threats being made against the institution of homeschooling in various places. This one and this one are both guaranteed to put typical homeschoolers in a really dark mood. Even as the practice of homeschooling gains traction within the broader society, there are plenty of people in positions of power who admit no benefit or legitimacy in the practice, and are willing to use their power to try to shut us down (either directly, or through Death by Bureaucracy).

The post I found most interesting is this one by Elisheva Hannah Levin, entitled Smoothing the Stones: Wrestling with the History of Education. It delves into the history of educational thought in this country--questions like, What philosophical ideas are currently dominant in the field of education in America? What is the purpose of education? What role do the schools play in society? What is the proper role of an educated person in society? She has an interesting perspective on this, having labored in the public schools for ten years as a teacher of gifted children and special needs children, and having an Asperger's Syndrome child of her own.

Anyway, there's much there that's worth a good read.

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