Sunday, March 30, 2008

Offering a Little Husbandly Support

My wife decided to write a blog post today about something that caught her fancy yesterday. Apparently, when we all (all five of us!) went to the grocery store yesterday, we wound up charming some of our fellow shoppers--who told us it was really cute the way we were talking to our children. Tonya wrote about it here.

Actually, we've gotten comments like this from other parents on occasion, like when they've agreed to look after our brood while we run certain errands. We had one parent tell us that our then-four-year old sounds like she's quoting Shakespeare all the time. He said he started talking like that back to her ("Forsooth!") until he realized she wasn't just playing, that this is the way she really talks.

I guess that my family just uses a lot of those Latin roots that the commenters to my last post were talking about. Which is rather ironic, considering how much I like the sound of the Anglo-Saxon part of the language. I need to teach the Pillowfight Fairy how to use the word Hwæt! in everyday conversation....

Anyway, given that Tonya hasn't been posting a whole lot lately, I figured I'd better send some traffic her way. Just being a good husband.

Of course, part of the reason she hasn't been blogging is that I've been on the computer so much of the time....

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