Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maybe a Career in Advertising?

Well, the Pillowfight Fairy has given us clues that she may yet go in an entirely different career direction than those she's expressed interest in before.

She might not actually go into airborne sheep rustling. She may go into advertising. Behold:

No, we didn't put her up to this. She did it entirely on her own. She doesn't even like the things. But she makes them sound sooo goood.....

Although I actually have to wonder about her business plan here. After all, "Peep Store. Open at 2 AM" gives a bit of a shiver down the spine, no? I mean, this is the store for people who really want their peeps bad. These are the people who would be mainlining them, if they could only figure out a way to squish them through the syringe.

And it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Me'n my peeps will be hangin' out at 2 AM."

And I note that some of those notes contain what look like GPS coordinates. Hm.

Hmmm. This is actually much darker than I originally thought. She may not be considering a job in advertising so much; she may be trying for the life of a pusher.

I wonder: how many "Fun Little Peeps" are there in a kilo? (Answer: a whole lot. They're pretty hard to smuggle--that is, unless you smoosh them first.)


John G said...

That's funny! Sounds like something my kids would do - pushing peeps at 2am through thier bedroom window to adoring/hyped up other hyperactive but really cute children. I've been reading your blog since your post on "that case" (we homeschool too, but in TN), and I've really enjoyed it. You talk like I think sometimes - which doesn't happen very often. Thanks!

Timothy Power said...

Wow... it's always a noteworthy occasion to run into someone who thinks like I talk. I don't even think like I talk. ;-)

Welcome to my blog! Feel free to look around. I like getting comments....