Monday, November 26, 2007

A Civics Test!

I was surfing around on some Homeschooling websites today, and came across this Civics Test. I couldn't resist. I did pretty well, missing three out of 60, for a score of 95%. My wife did rather well, too, getting 88.33%--as she missed 7 out of 60. She did well on the history questions, but was tripped up on several of the economics and political philosophy questions.

Apparently, four-year college grads score just under 55% on average. The average among on-line test-takers is 70%.

On one of the questions I got wrong, it was because I misread the name of the president in the question: I read Andrew Jackson for Andrew Johnson, and so completely misidentified the major political issue of his day. And the one on suffrage, I could have gotten if I just paid more attention to the Schoolhouse Rock video we show our kids from time to time.

All in all, I enjoyed the quiz. If you take it, let me know in the comments how you did!

Hat tip to Why Homeschool? on this one.

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