Friday, November 2, 2007

Evasive Maneuvers! Full Starboard Rudder!

Saw this picture, and loved it. Can't exactly say why, but I loved it.

Apparently our warships are expected to go through periodic trials to make sure all the systems--like the rudders--are still working. But I'm just glad they got all the planes (and the people!) off the deck before they did this.

As I was looking at this picture, I started thinking of appropriate captions to go with it:

  • "That's it, son, you're not getting the keys back until you learn not to do doughnuts in the harbor."
  • "No, Seriously, officer; this big sperm whale jumped out right in front of me and I had to swerve to avoid it."
  • "...and the people all said, Sit down; Sit down yer rockin' the boat..."
  • "Wait, wait... we need some people to go to the other side of the boat now. Other side!"

Well. Anyone else have any additional captions? Especially The McMullen Family? I'd love to hear them.


Jason said...

"Stop watching the Colts and Patriots game and get back to your stations!"

Reminds me of the time when Angi and I were on a puddle-jumper from Abilene to Dallas and literally were the only ones on the left side while all the other passengers were on the right!

Chris said...

"Um, sir, did all of the port-side bilges get pumped when we were last port-side?"

"Can we get everyone to put their 'right foot' in, now?"

"What I can't figure out is why the CAG won't let his planes come back and land."

I know these are probably weak, but it's the best this non-military landlubber can do.

Timothy Power said...

Actually, Chris, The one about the "right foot" made me laugh.

So here's another humble music-reference submission:

...and she'll have fun, fun, fun 'till her daddy takes the Reagan away...