Saturday, November 24, 2007

Story With an Unexpected Ending

Well, I know I should actually put in the time to write another "meaty" post, but somehow my IQ tends to take a precipitious dip over the course of long holiday weekends. It's probably Carbohydrate Poisoning or something like that.

So instead, I thought I'd let my firstborn daughter regale you with another of her stories. I personally think the plot has a few loose ends that need tying up (like, what happened to the boy?), but I like the unexpected twist at the end.

Here we go:

(Note: I suppose this is pretty, in a Sinead O'Connor sort of way. I'm trying to figure out how she's keeping that bow in place without any hair. Spirit Gum, maybe?)

(That's the Yo-Yo from Fantasia 2000. It seems my daughter thinks that flamingos do nothing all day but throw Yo-Yos around and get into trouble with each other. She should know better: we've been to the Sacramento Zoo, and we know from personal experience that all Flamingos really do all day is chase each other into the bushes and try to mate.)

(I had to ask for a little help with this one. The Pillowfight Fairy says these are the rocks that she's throwing into the pond.)

There it is: the unexpected ending. I can genuinely say I didn't expect that, and I probably let out a goodly-sized snort when I first read it.

Wow. Just, wow. So there really is a light at the end of the tunnel! And we only have to wait 23 more years to get there. ;-)

I'm still curious about what happened to the boy. I shall try to remember to ask the Pillowfight Fairy, so I can give you an update sometime soon.

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Tammy Takahashi said...

I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing. What a great way to start this early day, by reading your daughter's story.