Friday, January 18, 2008

Ah, to be Young and Stupid

I was a bachelor again last night.

You see, about a week ago or so an older friend of ours passed away. When Tonya was growing up, this lady was part of the church and did a lot with the kids. And when Tonya and I got married, she was our wedding coordinator. She was one of those people of whom everyone needs to have several of in their lives, if they hope to grow up without becoming psychopaths.

And the memorial was yesterday (Thursday), back in the hometown. I couldn't go because of my work schedule (and the fact that I've already taken so much time off). So Tonya took the kids, piled in the van and headed over. And because she really doesn't like driving at night, we decided that she would spend the night with her parents and drive back today. (By the way, I have today off because of my company's 9/80 work schedule. In case you were wondering, that's how I can get away with blogging at 9:16 in the morning on a Friday.)

So I was at home by myself last night.

Now, this is a very unusual circumstance in our household. Tonya and I are both homebodies; we like being at home; and we really like having each other around. Neither of us likes traveling without the other. The first night we spent apart after getting married, was the night the Adrenaline Junkie was born--four and a half years after we got married. (They didn't have the facilities to let me stay in the hospital with her, as they had when the Pillowfight Fairy had been born.) And then through much of 2006 my company sent me on numerous business trips to New Jersey, and for a while I seriously considered finding a new job, until they finally moved me onto a project that didn't require me to be away from my family like that.

So suffice it to say, it's been a long, long time since I've had the place all to myself.

Now, part of my mind was saying: Look, you should see this as an opportunity: there are now all kinds of things you can do that would be impractical if the wife and kids were around. Use your imagination! The world is your oyster! You have one night of freedom of a sort you haven't had in years! What to do?

Well, first I made myself a dinner of chili-dogs. Then I played Civilization IV until one in the morning.

I tell you, guys, we need our women. If we didn't have them, most of us would be dead long before we hit forty.

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