Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Craft Time Just Got a Lot More Interesting


We thought it was very interesting when our five-year-old developed an interest in Thneeds, but that phase passed, as these phases often do. But you'll be happy to know that she is still interested in making things that everyone, everyone, everyone needs. Well, half of us, anyway.

Can you guess? Take a moment and guess. Hint: I decided to pose them here next to the Naked Lady we have on our dinner table.

Ok, time's up.

Out of the blue today she announced that "I need some paper. I'm going to make a bra." And she did--she made the pink one.

And that was so much fun, she decided to make a whole set, in different colors! And as if that wasn't enough, her 3-year-old sister decided she wanted in on the act too, so the Pillowfight Fairy made her the one in white (obviously, since it has a smaller cup size than all the others).

Actually, given the lack of cleavage involved here, these bras would work just fine. If they had some sort of clasp mechanism involved, that is. And if they weren't made out of construction paper. (Like a lot of fine lingerie, they'd just fall apart in the wash, don't you know...)

So we had a rather amusing evening tonight, as my two daughters were running around the house wearing these things. Of course, they couldn't get them around their bodies, due to the aforementioned lack of clasp (and the fact that they would have been really really tight); so they were running around the house wearing them on their necks, which made for really weird visual images when you imagined that those were supposed to be bras. It prompted me to comment to my wife something along the lines of "We appear to have a serious outbreak of boob-on-neck plague in here tonight."

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned....

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Sarah said...

That is hilarious! I bet you two were gasping for breath!