Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I've Been Threatening...

...to start taking up the crafting of chainmail.

"Seriously?" I can hear you saying.

Um... not really. I have no idea when I'd actually have the time. I'd probably have to quit blogging. ;-)

But I've been threatening. I guess I was just inspired by the mail I saw for sale back in November, that I blogged about here. But I thought, "Why buy it? Wouldn't it be fun to make it myself?" And it would, of course. So I threatened: "Honey, one day I'm just going to have to start putting together a suit of chainmail!"

And she wearily replied, "Of course you are."

Well, today I came across a site by a veteran chainmail-maker selling some books that explain in detail how to do it. And I wasn't even looking for it! Really!

(I know, I know; that sounds about as credible as saying "I only read it for the articles." But it's true, I swear!)

Well, it looks like a lot of fun. Take a look: it's here, with the interesting stuff (to me, at least) starting on this page.

That is, it looks fun if you're not prone to repetitive-strain injury. Otherwise, you'd be better off taking up croquet or chessboxing or something.

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