Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Carnival of Homeschooling is Up

The 119th Carnival of Homeschooling is up over at A Pondering Heart.

For my submission this week, the hostess declares,
Timothy Power at Sometimes I’m Actually Coherent shares Our Lesson Plan, and just reading it makes me tired!
Really? This isn't the first such reaction to our plans; we've also received comments in that post saying that we might be a little, um... ambitious in our academics this year. We've also gotten at least one commenter who thinks we're on the right track. This is one of those ongoing debates within the Homeschool community: how much is enough? How much is too much? And similarly, What counts as twaddle (Charlotte Mason's term for dumbed-down literature beneath the dignity of any scholar, no matter how young), and what counts as too advanced?

Well, we'll find out. Part of the homeschooling lifestyle, which every one of us faces, is trial and error.

Anyway, there were a couple of other posts that caught our eye. Tonya particularly liked this one from Barbara Frank, describing interviews with several mothers who "had it all"--high-powered careers, successful marriages, and well-raised children. It described how they did it, and what they would have done differently. (Nearly all of these women are now in their seventies and eighties.) It's definitely worth a look.

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