Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Umpty-Umpth Carnival of Homeschooling is Up!

I say Umpty-Umpth because the numbers are getting really big.

It's over at Dana's site, Principled Discovery. My post on the Berenstain Bears is featured. It appears I'm not alone in thinking they send some inappropriate messages about fathers and family.

There are other good posts as well. I was particularly struck by Barbara Frank's post, Homeschooling Your Child With Down Syndrome. Barbara, who has done this herself, read a comment on someone else's blog asking:
I had my daughter in public school, she is 6 in kindergarten and has down syndrome. They haven't a CLUE what they are doing. I was very disappointed in their lack of teaching. I will be homeschooling her and it will be interesting as I have never done such a feat. Is there anywhere one could go to help start off in kindergarten for my little girl? Is the curriculum the same? So many many questions. I do know this, anything is better than what we have now.
...and she decided to write up a detailed post on how she herself went about doing it with her own son. I found this very interesting, not least because this is a question that is frequently asked of homeschoolers: What do we do about special needs kids? Do you really have the skill and qualifications to deal with this sort of thing? I think Barbara answers these questions quite well.

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