Friday, April 11, 2008

Serious Writers' Block

Regular readers of this blog are probably wondering, "what's up with Tim? Why hasn't he blogged in the last three days?"

And the answer would be, Tim has a serious case of writers' block.

Partly that's it. Also, my wife and I have been going through the video series on language I mentioned earlier. And I've been reading through the book I got a few weeks back.

I haven't forgotten y'all, though, so I'll fall back on my old standard: when running out of things to write, follow up on something I've posted about before. You remember that cargo ship that had the high-tech sail fixed to it? Well, it finished its voyage a month ago (and I didn't blog about it at the time), and everything looks good. They saved a bunch of money in fuel costs for the round-trip, and they weren't even using the sail all that much of the time. Furthermore, they're planning on scaling the sail to about twice its current size.

So it's all good. The press release can be found here, and the company's website is here.


Karen said...

Your earlier post on "The Story of Human Language" led me to purchase that course. My family has been enjoying it immensely and I blogged about it here:
Great Courses - The Story of Human Language

Hope you recover from writer's block soon!

Timothy Power said...

Well, Karen! Good to hear that you're enjoying them too. I find the topic fascinating. The more I get exposed to the topic, the more I find myself wanting to know. I've caught myself several times wondering, "Now what exactly do they know about the Etruscan Language?" (or something similar) and heading over to Wikipedia to find out.

Sorry if I got you hooked. :-)