Thursday, December 6, 2007

Whole Lotta Nothin'

Haven't had a whole lot to say lately. We've been feeling physically and mentally dull.

Last night, Tonya just needed to unwind, so she played Civilization IV for much of the evening. Remember what I said about skill in siege engines and battlefield deception coming from my side of the family? Um... now that I think of it, it probably comes from both sides of the family. Maybe this is one of those points of commonality that make Tonya and me so well suited to each other.

But while Tonya was busy, um... organizing her foes out of existence last night, she was monopolizing the computer. Thus, no blog post.

Not that I had anything worthwhile to say.

So, for tonight, I might as well go for spectacle: According to Popular Mechanics, some company has invented what amounts to a high-tech sail that can be added to modern cargo ships to reduce their fuel consumption. Now, it's not like the sails of clipper ships; it's actually a gigantic cross between a kite and a parasail. But despite my skepticism that this system will ever actually get adopted in real life, it's still rather fun to think about.

Hope this can keep y'all tied over until I think of something real to write about. ;-)

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A. Jean said...

Now see! Tim has that ability to keep his followers interested sometimes befuddled but aware of all kinds of things on a regular basis. I applaud him for his tenacity. His SIL Sweetpea has taken up other interests instead of her vital blogs so we see nothing in 4 days.

Tim, keep up the good work. Your public deserves you insight into meaty matters. You usually hit something we each appreciate on a regular basis. I especially liked Ciara's use of "Blow" in a sentence. I can really see why Eamon likes this side of Ciara!

Love, AJ