Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Overheard Today

We're over here at Papa and Grandmother's house.

I popped into the back room on a brief errand today, and discovered the Pillowfight Fairy and Papa. Papa was trying to do some work on the computer. The Fairy was regaling him with one of her very long, very detailed stories. As I've intimated before, the Fairy's stories are really, really long and convoluted. Tolstoy has nothing on her.

Papa was occasionally saying things like "hmmm..." and "Really?" and "That's something else...." while continuing about his work.

I only caught a portion of the Fairy's Magnum Opus, but the part I caught went something like this:
...and then all the sheep were very, very scared because they thought it was a wolf that had come in with them. But it wasn't a wolf at all! It was only a horse. In a racecar....

Geez. I want to hear the rest of that one, now....

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