Monday, December 10, 2007

Out of Town

This is just a note to let my loyal fan base know that I will be out of town for training until this Friday, so blogging may be light- to non-existent.

I'm taking a class on developing Web Portals.

In honor of Portals, my wife has suggested that I bring along our copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Hopefully I'll be able to report that there's more nonsense in the book than in the training. :-)


Chris said...

1) Ah! Gotta love training classes. I don't have any of those pending, but I have been advised of the ever-popular "kick-off" meeting coming in the new year. The good news is, instead of holing up in our standard training facility (which could easily double as a set for "Prison Break"), we're heading to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas! I've never been to Vegas and don't gamble, but this should still be fun.
2) unrelated, but I thought you'd appreciate it. . . you've mentioned your pomegranete (sp?) tree a few times and the copious amounts of fruit you received from it this year. I was in a grocery store this afternoon and saw that very fruit for sale (on special): 2 for $4. Dude, you're sitting on a gold-mine! If only you could ship those delicacies east cheaply!

Timothy Power said...

Hey, Chris!

Yeah, we know how expensive the pomegranates are. The trouble is, we use all of ours making jelly and stuff, so we don't have any left over to sell. And with the high prices these things are fetching, you have to know that anyone with a small plot of land is planting new trees, so the market will be glutted in a few years when the trees mature... just about the time the pomegranate fad dies off. That's the way these things work, you know.

As for the training, today was the day that we covered the stuff that my team needs us to know the most, and, well... Let's say the nonsense levels put one in mind of Alice and Wonderland. However, I don't think the nonsense levels are quite as high as one encounters in Vegas. :)

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