Monday, December 3, 2007

I Demand Dur Frocess!

As someone who's been blogging for all of 3.5 months now, it's become increasingly obvious to me just how fiendishly difficult it is to keep everything well-edited.

Here's what happens. I write a long post on something. I pour out my heart and soul into my writing; I agonize over every word and phrase; I delete whole paragraphs when I don't like the direction they're going; I rewrite, rearrange, and occasionally restart.

Then, when I have it mostly the way I want it, I usually (but not always) run the spell checker. I'm a pretty good speller most of the time, and my errors--when I make them--are usually of the "I can't believe I did that" variety. But then I read it--often out loud to my lovely bride, who (if I'm lucky) is still awake by this point--to catch any other errors in punctuation, word choice, spelling, and general editing. She calls me on passages that sound obnoxious, and I do more rewrites.

Then I publish the post.

The following morning, I read what I've written, and am usually appalled at all the errors that have slipped through. I read that thing three times! How could I have possibly missed that!

So I found a couple of posts over at the Volokh Conspiracy this morning to be especially funny. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the Volokh Conspiracy is a group blog with a decidedly libertarian viewpoint, headed by UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh, that covers contemporary legal issues.

The first post is entitled The Due Frocess Clause. This post (and make sure you go through all the comments!) amply demonstrates that some lawyers really do have senses of humor.

The second post is entitled Update on the Power and Majesty of the Due Frocess Clause, and it demonstrates that some lawyers really do not have senses of humor.

Again, be sure to read the comments. You'll be astounded at what the Fondling Fathers had to say....

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