Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've Turned the Corner!

Quite literally, in fact. There's a weird acute angle in the walkway I'm building, and I've gotten past it. This was one of those parts of the project where I hadn't been sure how I was going to deal with it, but consoled myself by semi-continually mouthing the cliché "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it." Well, yesterday I came to the bridge and had to fight the trolls.

In this post, which I wrote nearly a month ago, I included this picture:

In this picture I am standing in the planter (don't tell my wife). You can see how the walkway that comes in from the left meets the walkway that stretches out in front, at roughly a 70° or 80° angle (between 1.22 and 1.40 radians, for you metric purists).

There were a couple of different ways that I could have solved the problem, and all of them involved cutting cobblestones--using hammer and chisel, I might add, since I haven't sprung for one of those nifty water-cooled tile saws. And when one cuts stones with hammer and chisel one frequently gets cuts that are less-than-perfectly straight. So not only did I have to cut a bunch of stones, I had to arrange them in a pattern that both looks good and visually obscures the ragged edges. So did I succeed?

Tell me what you think:

And for a more direct comparison with the picture at the top of this post:

I, for one, think it worked. In fact, it worked so well it has prompted me to think dangerous, formerly unthinkable thoughts, like: when it comes time to do that big angled patio, I think I'll save the cost of renting the tile saw and just cut the blocks myself. Given that I'm not going to try to do the whole patio in one day anyway, I'll only have to cut a few feet worth of angled stone in any one session. I think that's doable, and will save a little cash. (And all that chiseling will give me a right forearm like Popeye's. And no, I'm not going to switch off with my hands to try to build the left forearm too--the thought of trying to chisel left-handed somehow evokes premonitions of terrible pain.)

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