Friday, September 7, 2007

Warning: Big Sisters Will Get You In A HEAP of Trouble

So as I was doing my cobblestone-paving work today, the Pillowfight Fairy (PF for short) and the Adrenaline Junkie (AJ) were playing next to this pomegranate tree:

I was listening to them out of the corner of my ear, trying to make sure they weren't messing up all that sand I'd just nicely screeded. They were grabbing some of the low-hanging branches and were pulling on them and tugging at the not-quite-ripe pomegranates hanging there.

I heard PF say to AJ:

And this is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

And about a minute later, while pulling a branch with some pomegranates over to AJ, something along the lines of:

[AJ], would you please take a bite of this?


I seem to remember my older brother trying to get me in trouble on occasion, but not that much trouble. I think I need to give the Pillowfight Fairy a really really long time-out.

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