Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our 4.9-Year-Old Social Planner

So Tonya's parents are in town helping out this week, while Tonya's foot heals. The kids love having their grandparents around, of course; they get so much more attention than any one parent can give.

And more sympathy, too. Tonya was always one of those mothers with no mercy. This was true even before she broke her foot. And we've got documentation! Late last year we were in a Bible class at our church that attempted to help everyone "discover their gifts", to find out what kinds of ministries at the church would be a good fit for each person. Tonya's answers on the questionaire resulted in a rock-bottom score for her Mercy attribute.

So don't mess with her, for your own good. Got it?

Ahem... I digress. So anyway, the kids like having the grandparents around, in no small part because they get a little more sympathy than normal.

Well, anyway, the Pillowfight Fairy was so happy to have someone else around to do things with, that when they showed up in their RV, she promptly drew up the agenda for the day and handed it to Papa (her maternal grandfather). This agenda is visible at right.

I think she included the part about "jUST STAY" because they never stay more than a few days at a time, and she doesn't want them to go this time. And I have to say, it has been very nice having them around to help out, when Tonya's unable to take care of the things she usually does. So while I find the Fairy's agenda to be rather cute and a little silly, I also see it as being somewhat poignant.

One thing's for sure, though: she's inherited her mommy's cravings for organization and order, and especially her list-making tendencies. As she grows up, her rather spontaneous and impulsive father (that would be me) is more than likely going to drive her nuts, as I do her mother. :)

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