Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Maybe That Da Vinci Exhibit Is Already Yielding Dividends

So this morning the Pillowfight Fairy comes up to Mommy and me and says, "Ok. This is what we're going to do today," and presents us with the following diagram:

At first I looked at the diagram, and thought it looked like a mushroom cloud, and my first sudden terrible thought was: we've got a Radioactive Girl Scout on our hands here, and she's going to build a thermonuclear device. (No doubt, out of construction paper and glue sticks. Did I mention that she's advanced for her age?)

But then she continued: "We're going to come here and tie the rubber band to these two trees. [So it's not a mushroom cloud after all, I thought....] And then we're going to put a person in the rubber band [here she points to the lower red arrow], and then we'll pull the rubber band and launch the person [here she points to the upper red arrow].

So I asked her: "Who's going to be the first victim?" And she said, "Me."

Oh, Ok. So I pointed at the little Red Cross on the bottom of the picture, and asked, "So, is that the ambulance?" She responded, "No, that's the Winners' Circle." Further questions ascertained that the cross represented the target landing zone.

She was completely serious.

So Mommy started to talk her down. She explained that our trees really aren't strong enough to hold a rubber band that big, and that we didn't actually have a rubber band that big anyway. Meanwhile, I was contemplating the prudence and advisability of any plan in which the "Winners' Circle" is marked with a Red Cross.

On the bright side, it appears that she completely absorbed the lessons of the Da Vinci exhibit we attended a few days back.

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