Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pillowfight Fairy "Gets" the Lever & Fulcrum

...and applies this knowledge to the age-old problem of constructing a better people-launcher.

Behold the People-Launcher, Mark II:

Elegance, Simplicity. The diagram says all that is needed; no further explanation is necessary. Basically, the people just follow the arrows.

Incidentally, the People-Launcher Mark I is here.


A. Jean said...

Are you warning the Adrenalin Junkie about staying away from Pillowfight Fairy? Pomegranate trees, Little Sister Launcher, er, People Launchers...I'd keep a close eye on Happy Boy and the three sisters (meow?) You mentioned taking one of the cats to the vet a couple of blogs back. Anything serious?

A. Jean

Timothy Power said...

No, nothing serious; just getting Nina's shots up-to-date. She's going to need a grooming soon, just like Pasha; she's started getting the tufted fur, and needs a lion clip like her sister.