Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bumper Cars!


Yes, everyone is OK.
No, the airbags did not deploy.
Yes, it is entirely my fault.
No, the other car wasn't hurt anywhere near as bad as ours was.
Yes, we will have to replace the license plate. (Talk about adding insult to injury.)


A. Jean said...

Whew! That was a scary picture. I hope you have a rental car clause on your insurance. I'm so happy nobody was hurt. Sort of ruins that Sunday afternoon nap you've been looking forward to having. Love to you all.

A. Jean

Timothy Power said...

Well, actually... we do not have a rental car clause on the insurance. But we consider that expense minor compared to what the insurance will be covering, so we're good.

I actually had my naptime, which was much needed--and then didn't sleep very well. Go figure.

I suppose the weirdest thing about all this was the girls' reactions to it. After the BUMP, we told them what had happened; but they were still strapped in and couldn't see the damage; they thought it was just a loud bump, at first. But then when we got to church, they got out and could see how the whole front end of the car was scrunchy. That made an impression on them. The Pillowfight Fairy was saying things about it throughout the rest of the day. One example, while we were heading back to the church in the afternoon: "Mommy, I'm glad we're not going to be in a wreck."

Maybe I should count this as our monthly "field trip" and stay in bed the rest of the month. ;-)

Chris said...

We had a similar experience this summer (July 4th, to be exact). DW and kids were driving back from Independence Day festivities that morning; while crossing a rock-sided bridge between two holes of our golfe course they thought they'd look to see if that was me teeing off on #9. DRAAAAAAAGGGGG SCRRRRAAAAAAPE. Rock wall meets the entire right-hand side of the van. No injuries (except for DW's pride) thank goodness. However, when you damage that much of a 6-year old van with 98,000 miles, insurance companies have one response. "Total it." So now we have a new van that we didn't want and don't want to have to pay for instead of our old van that we loved and that was paid for (and in great shape). Grumble grumble.

Ah, life.